South Coast Chats : Q&A with Decadence Cakes Gifts and Treats
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South Coast Chats : Q&A with Decadence Cakes Gifts and Treats

Introducing this amazing cafe as part of the new energy coming into Nowra CBD

  • Kate Mather
  • 1 March 2022

Decadence Cakes Gifts and Treats is one of the businesses in the Nowra CBD thats bringing new energy and a youthful vibe across this south coast town.  Nowra is the gateway to Jervis Bay and beyond when travelling south or if travelling north its a great stop over before getting to Kiama Illawarra areas.

Offering a delicious range of cakes and treats, this cafe in Nowra has designed a high tea and hamper element that you can pre-order and pickup on your way to your holiday destination. The team have worked hard to include a range  of treats that cater to dietary requirements such as gluten-free and vegan that are actually  just as delicious as the standard products. Now also offering simply designed celebration  cakes for special events.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Billie a co-owner of this great cafe with delicious homemade goodies for you to enjoy across your stay.



Tell us about it and why people love it so much?  

We bake a delicious range of cakes and treats, and have recently expanded to include a  cafe with barista-made coffee, toasties and pies. We have worked hard to include a range  of treats that cater to dietary requirements such as gluten-free and vegan that are actually  just as delicious as our standard products. We now also offer simply designed celebration  cakes for special events. 

We think that people love our cake shop/cafe because we have so many delicious  options – walking into our store you are immediately greeted with a large display cabinet  filled to the brim with so many different cakes and tarts. It really is a feast for your eyes,  and with almost everything baked onsite by our team of chefs, you know that you’re  enjoying a treat that has been baked fresh with love. Our most popular option is a mixed  box of 6 treats so that you can select something for everyone! As a small, family owned  and run business, we also think that the community enjoys supporting businesses who  have clearly been built from nothing through sheer hard work and dedication. Many have  followed our journey beginning as a tiny home based business to the leading cake store  in Nowra. 

Give us some examples of what makes your business unique?  

We have intentionally sought to offer something different from a standard bakery or cake  shop. Our recipes have been created in-house to ensure that your Decadence experience  is not one that can be re-created elsewhere. We have a keen eye for detail, and ensure  that our products all look as good as they taste, though for us, when it comes to cake, it  is the taste that really matters. What’s the point of a fancy cake that doesn’t taste  amazing?!  

Now offering indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy your decadent cakes and treats  with a beautiful coffee or hot chocolate whilst watching the world go by on Berry Street.  You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a fancy cake – you can have your  cake and eat it any time! 

You have so many great reviews whats your secret?  

Our attention to detail ensures that all of our cakes, tarts, coffees and meals are of the  highest quality, and as a small business, we are focused on ensuring that every  Decadence experience is a great one. We have a truly amazing team who as well as  sharing our attention to detail and just all-round great, happy people who out a smile on  your face even before you eat your cake.  

We’ve never given in when times have been tough, working hard to adapt, particularly  over the past couple of years. Whilst we’ve done this to survive as a business for  ourselves and our team, we’ve also been conscious of our local community and what we could do to help them. During lockdowns we pivoted our business, cooking a range of  hot and healthy family meals which were so well received by the community.  

Why do you love being part of South Coast Experiences?  

South Coast Experiences is such a great initiative. Kate’s dedication to showcasing some  of the Shoalhaven’s best businesses is admirable, and her talent for doing so in a fun and  sophisticated way is evident. Being included amongst such a diverse and incredible  group of local businesses is such an honour. 

Any plans or announcements as we head into 2022?  

We’ve moved into 2022 with an increased level of determination, pride and confidence.  There have definitely been times over the past couple of years that we felt helpless, but  the fact that we’ve managed to continue to grow through these hardships, has reinforced  to us that we deserve to be where we are, and that we can achieve great things. We’ve  just released a delicious range of loaded cookies as well as a full gluten-free range of  petite tarts. We’re constantly looking at new ways to expand and diversify, and are  excited by the possibilities that 2022 brings.

For pre-ordering the hampers and high teas, click through to Decadence Cakes, Gifts and Treats here.  Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7.30am and Saturday from 9.30am