South Coast Chats : Kate Cliff Meditation
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South Coast Chats : Kate Cliff Meditation

  • Kate Mather
  • 16 February 2024

I love connecting with our members and finding friendships and likeminded people is always such a joy for me across my business.  Meeting Kate was one of those moments.  I have received her teachings and have used my vedic meditation as a daily practice that has really helped me in all aspects of my life.

Take a minute to read our chat and get inspired to learn this ancient meditation technique.

Where is your south coast business based? 

It’s been a joy to be based in Kiama on the traditional lands of the Dharawal people for more than ten years now. While that’s been the base, it’s an absolute pleasure to work throughout the South Coast.

Tell us about it and why people love it so much?

I teach Vedic Meditation which is a 5000 year old meditation technique that originated in India. The technique is learnt in 4 x 1.5 hour sessions, it’s easy to learn, and people see results really quickly. Once someone has completed the course of meditation they are equipped to meditate confidently on their own anywhere that they can sit comfortably and close their eyes for the rest of their lives, without the need to complete anymore training or courses with me. They practice their meditation for 20 minutes twice per day, anywhere that they can sit comfortably and close their eyes, and that 20 minutes of meditation is the equivalent of 3-4 hours of sleep 5 times deeper than the deepest point of sleep. So people very quickly feel like they have access to more energy, clarity, joyfulness, creativity and physical well-being.

People love that they can learn this skill so quickly, despite previously having thought that they would never be able to calm their minds, and see huge benefits in their daily life quickly, such as sleeping better, feeling less stressed, more present and feeling happier.

Give us some examples of what makes your business unique?

I teach people a meditation technique that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. I graduated in India in Rishikesh, the heart of Vedic knowledge, more than 10 years ago, and returned to my hometown of Kiama, to share this ancient wisdom.

Learning this meditation technique completely changed my life, and I left my career as a Lawyer in Sydney, because I believed this was truly the way that I could help people and make a difference in the world – which had been the driving force to go into working in law in the first place.

My students can be families, friends who want to do it in a group, corporate getaways, a couples retreat… I love to create private sessions for people getting away to the south coast!

You have so many great reviews whats your secret?

Thank-you, I definitely put my heart and soul into every course I teach, and every client that comes my way. I want every single person to have the very best experience possible, love their practice and reap all of the benefits out of their practice like I did. It is an absolute joy to spend my life teaching, and I want everyone to share the joy of the experience of having meditation in their lives.

why do you love being part of South Coast Experiences?

I’ve met amazing people through South Coast Experiences, both people who have become clients and other incredible local businesses doing great things in the community that have become friends. There have been opportunities to collaborate which has been really lovely, and such a nice way for local businesses to come together to support each other. It’s also really nice to be across the other experiences and accomodation on the South Coast – there is always so many new offerings all the time and it’s a great way to be across it all!

Any plans or announcements you would like to share? 

2023 was a huge year for Kate Cliff Meditation – I ran meditation courses and retreats throughout the whole of Australia and also worldwide. I was the keynote speaker at the Australian Medical Conference in the Maldives, and have started 2024 in Japan speaking at an International Mental Health Conference, via invitation from Professor Patrick McGorry AO, a huge honour.

This year is shaping up to be another full and exciting year! I will be collaborating with The Lodge at Jamberoo offering evening meditation courses across 2024. I will head back to Japan later in February to speak at an International Medical Conference. I will be running a 3 night retreat in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland on the Easter long weekend 30 March – 2 April, as well as an India Retreat in October and November – you heard that one here first because it’s yet to be announced!!