It was always YOU : Beauty and Wellness
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It was always YOU : Beauty and Wellness

I have to begin with WOW!  This is not your average beauty salon but luxe beauty treatments that stem from within!

  • Kate Mather
  • 31 January 2024

I got to experience a beautiful two hours at Vita Nuova, a new luxury spa experience with intuitive healer and beautician Erin.  When I first arrived I had the expectation of a wonderful experience (word is on the street) and that it was, plus a whole lot – indulge in you – more.

When I arrived I was welcomed by Erin into the treatment room, beautifully styled with a calm energised space.  We sit and discuss expectations of the treatment, whilst I sip a lovely probiotic drink she has made me. Erin explains that this appointment will include an intuitive facial, reiki and clearing of your mind. For someone who had never experienced reiki but had it on my ever growing list for 2024 this was exciting.

Erin shares a reading she created on me, written in advance and I have to say – hit the nail on the head – on where I am at in my life.  Nothing confronting, just some words that resonate, I share what I’m comfortable with and then we begin.

So to begin let me say the bed is like a cocoon.  It feels warm and snug and I surrender to the experience.  After warm towels are placed on my feet, the treatment begins. I sink into the facial and find I am in a meditative mind quickly, as light fragrances and hot towels are placed across my face, I relax and respond to this amazing facial treatment…delish!

I feel an awareness as the reiki begins, a sense of opening and releasing emotions – stuck energy is felt to leave me and I just know this is a deep transition of letting go feelings and emotions that have been stored inside me for way toooo long!


More massage across my arms and hands before the facial finishes and I am left feeling altered inside.  Yep, the words that spring to mind are ceremonial, reborn, warrior and Im left feeling a bit like a goddess?!  As I lay in my meditation across the treatment, I had words ‘Let it be’ and ‘Let go’ come into my mind and I am left wondering who is this wonderful woman Erin? Where has she come from and how have I not done this sooner!

The appointment finishes with a shared reading from Erin ‘a download’ she receives across the experience and I enjoy a herbal tea and raw treat as we discuss the treatment.  I walk out refreshed and renewed and head to a work meeting instead of home to relax and have a quiet evening, but hey thats life and I have to say that meeting flies by!

So as you can see I am smitten and will be going back for more reiki with some pampering because, well, we all deserve to take some time out of our life to worship ourselves, and I am very grateful that Vita Nuova has found a home in my home town of Gerringong.

For more information go to Vita Nuova profile and enquire directly.


Disclaimer: I was gifted this experience but this is my honest account of this appointment and my results.