South Coast Chats : Willowvale Road
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South Coast Chats : Willowvale Road

A bespoke barn is the hub of all things candles and workshops.

  • Kate Mather
  • 15 March 2022

Willowvale Road candles is a successful south coast brand that can be found online with a customer base worldwide.  Perched up on the hill behind Gerringong it has picture perfect views that inspire owner, designer and maker Caroline Bloomfield to create a range that echoes the south coast.  Offering candle design workshops and blending unique fragrances for brands along with growing her own range, it was great to sit down over a cuppa and have one of our South Coast Chats.

Where is your South Coast business based?

“Willowvale Road” is located in our purpose built charred timber barn in Willow Vale, just behind Gerringong.

Tell us about it and why people love it so much?

We hand pour fragranced beauties for the home, mainly candles & diffusers for retail, wholesale & custom order like weddings. We also offer candle making workshops in the barn. People love the barn’s decor, the views, the candle education, all mixed with luxuries like bubbles & beautiful food.

Give us some examples of what makes your business unique?

The barn is located on a working dairy farm & the workshops are a true escape from reality. The workshops are more than just candle education and making, they are a full experience that also includes bubbles, lunch + afternoon tea. All the food & drinks are sourced from local makers. Everyone leaves with 3 candles, a diffuser, melts, an education booklet & a full tummy! Ongoing support is offered to anyone wanting to continue candle making at home.

You have so many great reviews whats your secret?

I have as much fun at the workshops as all the attendees & I think it shows through. Everyone leaves feeling they have had a great afternoon and have gotten great value for money. I have had many workshop attendees return with friends who they know would love it, so that speaks volumes to me.

Why do you love being part of South Coast Experiences?

I love being a part of South Coast Experiences because I am exposed to a whole lot of potential new customers that weren’t previously aware of my business until they saw my profile on the SCE website or through SCE social media posts. Some of my enquiries come directly from these sources.

I also love being part of the SCx community where there is the opportunity for networking at specially organised SCEx events & workshops (eg. Business bootcamp + social media workshops). The relationships I have formed with other business owners have been invaluable to me as we are able to help each other out with knowledge and collaborations.

Any plans or announcements you wish to share?

We have some new products in the pipeline that are very exciting and some new workshops pencilled in. We will be launching our christmas range soon and I will be including my love of pottery in some of the candles I will have onsale.

Take a look at Willowvale Road and book your own private group workshop or join one of the ticketed workshops coming up!