South Coast Chats : Gadhungal Marring
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South Coast Chats : Gadhungal Marring

  • Kate Mather
  • 27 March 2024

I got to catchup with the team at Gadhungal Marring at a wonderful experience on Kangaroo Valley River.  Hearing all they have on offer, the area they cover and the workshops and ceremonies for visitors was definitely worth sharing with one of our South Coast Chats.

Make a cuppa and Enjoy!

Where is your south coast business based? 

Our business is based along the south coast, we travel as far as Sydney down to Ulladulla.

Tell us about it and why people love it so much?

People love our programs and services we offer because they feel a deepened connection to Culture, the Mother. They leave with a life long memory they can share with others and get a better understanding of the knowledge we hold.

Give us some examples of what makes your business unique?

Our business is unique as we have traditional Cultural knowledge that has been passed down and shared through many generations, we offer in person experiences that fully engage our customers and leave them wanting more.

You have so many great reviews whats your secret?

Our secret is authenticity, everything we do, we do it correctly and traditionally, we refer to our Elders when needed and we are consistently upskilling personally and as a business together.

why do you love being part of South Coast Experiences?

We love being a part of south coast experiences because we get to showcase and display what we are doing at Gadhungal Marring in an accessible friendly way.

Any plans or announcements you would like to share? 

We have some big plans up our sleeves, but we won’t share them just yet. We do have our workshops which are ready to have customers book in with us.

Book in this wonderful cultural experience and workshops here