Chats : Expressive Art Experiences
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Chats : Expressive Art Experiences

A fun and creative workshop that comes to you!

  • Kate Mather
  • 4 September 2023

Expressive Art Experiences began with Michelle Springett’s love affair with design and creativity.  Having been a designer across her career she has found that art is her therapy and benefits everyone that she works with.  This business is a passion and it shows in the wonderful workshops she has created and her collaborations with other businesses.  Its always great to catchup with Michelle as her happy vibe is energising and all about FUN!

Where is your South Coast business based?
Expressive Art Experience is a mobile art studio (based at Kiama) and we travel across the South Coast and Southern Highlands.

Tell us about it and why people love it so much?
People love Expressive Art Experience as we offer a way to connect with creativity. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means we listen to their needs and tailor solutions to meet any specific requirements. We offer many painting themes and teach new skills like palette knife painting.
Give us some examples of what makes your business unique?
Expressive Art Experience is unique as everyone creates their own expressive art – every stroke creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!  This eliminates competition as people work at their own pace and create their own style of artwork.
It’s not a follow along art experience, we give a short demonstration and let participants explore as we gently guide them to completion of their unique art.

You have so many great reviews whats your secret?

I think it’s because we surprise people – we somehow make the impossible possible! Many people haven’t painted since high school and many believe they are not artists when they arrive but after a few hours they go home feeling like they have completed a great result. Many take up painting regularly to connect with their new creative passion.

Why do you love being part of South Coast Experiences?

It’s great being part of local tourism, South Coast Experiences offers so much to see and do whilst staying on our beautiful NSW South Coast. People get away from their daily routines, enjoying time with family and friends and are happy and excited to be exploring the South Coast and we get to make that experience even more special for them.

Any plans or announcements you wish to share?

We are always collaborating with different businesses.  We love to pop up with ticketed events at breweries, wineries anywhere we can explore and offer a unique experience.  We have some great collaborative workshops coming up across summer and they can always be found across our website and socials or here on SCx.

With so many themes and ticketed events always being planned check out Expressive Art Experiences here