Indigenous Heritage of NSW South Coast
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Indigenous Heritage of NSW South Coast

  • Kate Mather
  • 12 June 2024

The NSW South Coast is not only renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant communities but also for its rich Indigenous heritage. The region is home to several Aboriginal groups, each with a unique culture, history, and deep connection to the land. At South Coast Experiences, we believe in promoting respectful tourism that honors and shares the knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of this area. Here’s a guide to the native land regions and their people along the NSW South Coast.

Dharawal Country

People and Land

The northern part of the South Coast, including areas around Wollongong and the Royal National Park, is Dharawal Country. The Dharawal people have lived in this region for thousands of years, maintaining a deep spiritual connection to the land, sea, and sky.

Cultural Insights

  • Traditional Practices: The Dharawal people are known for their intricate knowledge of the local flora and fauna, which they used for food, medicine, and tools.
  • Rock Art: Discover ancient rock art sites within the Royal National Park, showcasing the Dharawal’s rich artistic heritage.
  • Language: The Dharawal language is an essential part of their identity, with efforts ongoing to revive and preserve it.
  • Indigenous Experiences: Gumaraa Welcome to Country, traditional smoking ceremony, and traditional Aboriginal dance troupe performances.

Yuin Country

People and Land

Stretching from Nowra down to the Victorian border, Yuin Country covers a vast portion of the South Coast. The Yuin people, also known as the Tharawal or Dharawal in some areas, have a profound connection to the coastal and hinterland environments.

Cultural Insights

  • Significant Sites: Visit Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) and Biamanga National Park, both sacred to the Yuin people and central to their creation stories.
  • Marine Life: The Yuin people have a unique relationship with the ocean, traditionally relying on fishing and the seasonal migration of whales.
  • Cultural Tours: Participate in guided cultural tours led by Yuin elders, offering insights into their history, traditions, and connection to the land.
  • Indigenous Experiences: Gadhungal Marring is available for tours, cultural workshops, art workshops dance and immersion.  Djiriba Waagura, based in the Shoalhaven offers culture and history of the land, bush tucker and plant medicine knowledge.

Walbunja Country

People and Land

The Walbunja people, a group within the Yuin Nation, traditionally inhabit the region from Batemans Bay to Moruya. Their lands are rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Cultural Insights

  • Mogo: Explore Mogo, an area significant to the Walbunja people, and visit the Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council for cultural education and artifacts.
  • Bush Tucker: Learn about traditional bush tucker and medicinal plants that have sustained the Walbunja for generations.
  • Art and Craft: Discover the unique art and craft of the Walbunja people, reflecting their deep connection to the environment and their ancestors.
  • Indigenous Experiences: Muladha Gamara Cultural Tours, youth programs and dance and ceremony bookings are available for the visitor of our region to enjoy.

Bidawal Country

People and Land

Bidawal Country encompasses the far southern parts of the South Coast, including Eden and surrounding areas. The Bidawal people have a rich cultural heritage intertwined with the coastal and forested landscapes.

Cultural Insights

  • Whale Dreaming: The Bidawal people have a special relationship with whales, celebrated through stories, ceremonies, and the annual whale migration.
  • Craftsmanship: The Bidawal are skilled in traditional crafts, including weaving and carving, which are integral to their cultural expression.
  • Conservation: Learn about the Bidawal’s traditional land management practices that have contributed to the conservation of the region’s unique ecosystems.
  • Indigenous Experiences: Yandama On Country operating gentle immersive sharing on Thaua Country.

Respectful Travel Tips

Engage with Local Knowledge

Whenever possible, engage with Indigenous guides and educators who can offer authentic insights and stories about their culture and history. This not only enriches your experience but also supports local communities.  We can design tailored experiences that include guided walks, weaving and cultural workshops, bush tukka and ceremony. Find out more HERE

Visit Cultural Centres

Cultural centers and museums provide valuable information about the Indigenous history and culture of the region. They often host exhibitions, workshops, and events that allow for a deeper understanding of the local heritage.

Respect Sacred Sites

Many sites along the South Coast are sacred to the Indigenous people. It’s important to respect these places by following guidelines, such as not climbing on sacred mountains or disturbing cultural artifacts.

Support Indigenous Businesses

Choose to support Indigenous-owned businesses, from tour operators to art galleries and souvenir shops. This helps sustain the local economy and promotes the preservation of cultural practices. You can find out all our preferred experience operators we love to partner with HERE.


Exploring the Indigenous heritage of the NSW South Coast is a journey of respect, learning, and connection. By understanding and honoring the traditions and histories of the Dharawal, Yuin, Walbunja, and Bidawal peoples, we can enrich our travel experiences and contribute to the preservation of their invaluable cultural legacy. At South Coast Experiences, we are committed to promoting respectful and informed tourism, ensuring that the stories and traditions of the Indigenous peoples are shared and celebrated.