Horse Riding : A Complete Guide
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Horse Riding : A Complete Guide

  • Kate Mather
  • 24 April 2024

If you’re planning a getaway to the New South Wales South Coast, you might be imagining the stunning beaches, lush national parks, and charming coastal towns. But did you know that this region also offers incredible horse riding opportunities? From serene beach rides to rugged bushland trails, the South Coast has something for every equestrian enthusiast. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, these horse riding adventures are sure to add a unique touch to your holiday. Let’s explore some of the best horse riding experiences and the towns where you can find them.

1. Beach Rides near Gerroa and Gerringong

The towns of Gerroa and Gerringong are famous for their pristine beaches and surfing spots, but not far away is a location for beach horse riding. Imagine the wind in your hair and the sound of waves crashing as you ride along the sandy shores at sunrise or sunset.  Behind these wonderful towns is Foxground which has wonderful trail rides where you can explore the bushland with views across the coast.

Stay in Gerringong, Gerroa, Berry and Shoalhaven Heads.

2. Equestian Centre in Bawley Point

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, Bawley Point offers a range of trail rides through dense bushland and coastal scenery. Riders can explore the area’s natural beauty while following well-marked trails. You might even spot some of the local wildlife, including kangaroos and native birds. The trails are suitable for all skill levels, with experienced guides providing instruction and support as needed. It’s a fantastic way to connect with nature and experience the tranquility of the South Coast’s hinterland.

Willinga Park is home to one of the most stunning equestian and events centre in the world.  This architectually designed property has a sculpture exhibition across its grounds, wonderful accommodation and conference facilities and holds events that the public can attend and enjoy across the year.  This is a wonderful property to visit and get inspired with shows and events that are world class.

3. Ranch Experiences in Nowra

If you’re interested in learning about horsemanship and ranch life, Nowra is the place to be. Here, you can find schools offering a variety of horse-related activities, from basic riding lessons to full-day trail rides and even cattle mustering. These experiences are perfect for visitors who want a deeper understanding of equestrian skills while enjoying the rural charm of the region. Families with children can also find pony rides and introductory lessons, making it a fun-filled day for everyone.

4. Countryside Rides in Kangaroo Valley

The picturesque town of Kangaroo Valley is renowned for its lush countryside and dramatic views. It’s also an excellent destination for horseback riding. Visitors can embark on scenic rides through the mountains and across the river onto open pastures, with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. These countryside rides offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to reconnect with nature in a unique way. Kangaroo Valleys welcoming atmosphere has some wonderful holiday properties – check out Barranca Kangaroo Valley where you get to live with farm animals including the wonderful family of Clydesdales, the worlds largest horses.  An additional reason to include this town in your South Coast itinerary.

5. Beach and Bush Rides in Narooma

Narooma, situated further south, provides a diverse range of horse riding experiences. Here, you can ride through coastal bushland, taking in the stunning scenery and breathing in the fresh sea air. Some operators offer combination rides that start in the bush and end on the beach, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to horseback riding, Narooma’s versatile terrain makes it a fantastic choice for all.

6. Experiences for the kids

Only 30 minutes south of Sydney, Darkes Forest has a riding school that offers school holiday camps, trail rides and classes.  With catering on site and a team of instructors and classes for beginners onwards this riding ranch has it all. A great way to begin connecting with horses

7. Equine Therapy Opportunities

Across the Shoalhaven there are schools that specialise in equine therapy.  Horses for Healing, Horses in Partnership and Bella Cavallo are wonderful centres that offer assistance across mental health and wellness. This growing therapy offers connection, security and can result in wonderful shifts across the persons wellness. Amazing for trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and is a soft therapy that has strong results.

Benefits of Adding Horse Riding to Your Getaway

Horse riding on the NSW South Coast is more than just an activity; it’s an opportunity to experience the region from a unique perspective. It allows you to connect with nature, explore hidden gems, and create lasting memories with friends and family. Riding horses can also be therapeutic, offering a sense of freedom and relaxation. Plus, it’s an excellent way to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.

So, whether you’re looking for a tranquil beach ride, an adventurous trail ride, or a ranch experience, the NSW South Coast has it all. Add a touch of equestrian excitement to your next getaway, and you’ll discover a whole new side of this beautiful region. Saddle up and enjoy the ride!

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