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The Milking Stool presents FILM

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Next event: FILM click through to read more! The Milking Stool is an evening of complete relaxation in the company of fascinating speakers and of people, like you, who enjoy exploring ideas. These aren’t talks, debates or lectures. This is the pleasure of listening to three wildly different opinions on the same subject from three wildly interesting people – film-makers, farmers, writers, executives, persuaders, chefs, environmentalists, musicians, activists. We can’t promise you’ll leave the evening as a more interesting, sexier, more open version of yourself, but it’s a damn fine place to start.

Event Date
  • Saturday 13th November 2021 - 5:30PM 13/11/2021 5:30 pm Past Event
177 Moss Vale Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW, Australia
>177 Moss Vale Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW, Australia