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Movie Night – Inferno without Borders – Lake Conjola

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The apocalyptic 2019-2020 Australian bush fires were a dire warning: respect the environment and listen to Indigenous wisdom, or our world will become an unlivable nightmare. Currently accepted bush management techniques bear little resemblance to the 60,000 plus years of wisdom and understanding that Australia’s Indigenous nations have evolved, including the rich relationship of fire and healthy Country. The award-winning film Inferno Without Borders by Sandrine Charruyer is a thought-provoking and powerful film, exploring the underlying major issues with bush management and Australia’s part in contributing to global warming.

Event Date
  • Wednesday 5th April 2023 - 5:30PM to 7:00PM 05/04/2023 5:30 pm Past Event
Lake Conjola Entrance Road, Lake Conjola NSW, Australia
>Lake Conjola Entrance Road, Lake Conjola NSW, Australia