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In Conversation – Sustainable Farms

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Our "In Conversation" for April is all about farming sustainably with Sustainable Farms, a long-standing initiative of the Australian National University. They have been studying farms across NSW to understand how various management actions positively impact biodiversity and the natural assets on farms, all while promoting ecological balance and resource conservation. Healthy natural assets underpin farm productivity and landscape resilience, and they include remnant native vegetation, large old trees like paddock trees, native grasses, shelterbelts, rocky outcrops, creeks, dams and support biodiversity, which in turn forms the basis of the ecological systems that support agriculture.

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Event Date
  • Tuesday 30th April 2024 - 6:00PM 30/04/2024 6:00 pm Future Event
Moonacres Kitchen, Illawarra Highway, Robertson NSW, Australia
>Moonacres Kitchen, Illawarra Highway, Robertson NSW, Australia