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‘DANCE’ at SevenMarks

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Join Gumaraa and Sevenmarks Gallery in celebration of NAIDOC Week this July to learn about significant Indigenous cultural tools, songs and dances. Traditional Dance ALL AGES This workshop denotes different types of animals that were imitated through traditional Aboriginal dances and why they were imitated this way, the songs sung by Indigenous ancestors and their cultural significance, and storytelling about how Indigenous ancestors used these tools. Traditional dance was usually performed at ceremonies for various different reasons, such as to ensure plentiful supplies of plant and animal food. Open to all ages, this workshop invites audiences to learn the art of traditional Indigenous dance and the stories and significance behind them.

Event Date
  • Saturday 8th July 2023 - 10:00AM to 12:00PM 08/07/2023 10:00 am Past Event
SevenMarks Gallery, Marks Street, Kiama NSW, Australia
>SevenMarks Gallery, Marks Street, Kiama NSW, Australia