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Art workshops, Corporate tailored, Family Focussed, Guided Walks, Meditation, Weaving Workshops, Wellness, Workshops

the sage caravan

  • South Coast NSW ~ Multiple Destinations
  • From $70
  • 2 hours
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People have gained wisdom, insight and healing from creating art in connection with nature since ancient times. This relationship with the environment brings us back into balance and promotes a sense of wellbeing, belonging and joy. Sometimes in our busy lives we feel like we don't have a lot of time to spend in nature or for self care. The sage caravan offers accessible opportunities to deepen our relationships; through connecting with the elements, nature and self, and creating sacred art to embody the experience.


Maiki-Jane and Katie are co-founders of the sage caravan, they co-create and facilitate experiences. MJ: I have a background in Community Dev., Social and Emotional Wellbeing, Shamanism and Arts Therapy. My role is walking beside people, supporting transitions and witnessing transformations. I believe that we are each our own healer and have all that we need within us for our journey through life. K: I am a multidisciplinary artist (visual/vocal) and wellbeing practitioner. My art is a healing practice. I currently create multi sensory environments allowing for connection and deep enquiring to reveal learnings, which I express intuitively through painting, multimedia and symbolism.


From $70

per person for an experience


Approximately 2 hours duration.

from 1hr - this varies according to the experience

  • Minimum: 1
  • Maximum: 20
Old Erowal Bay NSW, Australia