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Corporate tailored, Events, Guest Speaker Presenter, Personal Trainer, Wellness, Workshops

Empowered by REN

  • South Coast NSW ~ Multiple Destinations
  • From $150
  • 2 hours
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Ren is a womens mentor and workshop host, focusing on health, wellness and living a holistic balanced lifestyle. She’s a mumma to 3, and thrives on showing up as her highest self and following her passion. Workshops include; intention setting, mindset tools/journaling prompts, or fitness related.


I work with women who struggle with time management and want to know how to nail a great routine both for self care and the family. My mentorship program allows you to dive deep into what you are really struggling with and what you truely desire in your life. My program is via phone, but I will be offering face to face in September. I am available for wellness retreats and corporate getaways. Some pictures taken by @translucentphotography


From $150

this varies according to the course/workshop

Whats Included
  • MENTORSHIP > Week 1-2: Understanding what you truly want. Week 3-4: Mindset- the shift you need. Week 5-6: Wellness. Week 7-8: Self care/ Me time. Week 9-10: Greatest Visions. Week 11-12: Cull the unnecessary.
  • WORKSHOPS > Intention setting, mindset tools, journaling prompts, goodie bags to get you started. Catering can be included for a varied price.
  • EVENTS > Sip & Gossip, social event for you to feel empowered and inspired from the guest speakers. You will be surrounded by like minded women, hear some inspiring stories, receive a gift bag and be involved in our giveaway on the evening. There will be dancing, canapés, and champagne.

Approximately 2 hours duration.

this varies according to the activity, min 2 hours

  • Minimum: 4
  • Maximum: 25
Shell Cove NSW, Australia